Payment Terms

Payment for all Appraisals are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Darryn Brick Appraisals (Pty) Ltd is a registered company represented by Darryn Brick who is a registered Sworn Appraiser to the Master of the High Court.
  2. All Appraisals conducted by Darryn Brick Appraisals are conducted in an objective manner with no parties having any influence on the outcome of any subject Appraisal.
  3. A 50% deposit is required to be paid upon acceptance of quotation sent to the client;
  4. The balance of payment is required to be paid upon completion of Appraisal and prior to handing over of Appraisal Report and Certificates to the client;
  5. Should Darryn Brick Appraisals (Pty) Ltd waiver the 50% deposit on behalf of its “Debtor” and or “Client”, it is expressly agreed upon between Darryn Brick Appraisals (Pty) Ltd and the “Debtor” and or “Client” that once the “Debtor” and or “Client” receives a completed Valuation / Appraisal from Darryn Brick Appraisals (Pty) Ltd and after having accepted its content, the “Debtor” and or “Client” will then become immediately liable for the full balance of invoice and or statement and will need to settle the amount stated within the invoice and statement within seven (7) working days from receipt of invoice and statement. Darryn Brick Appraisals (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to use all legal remedies at its disposal to collect outstanding monies owed to it by its “Debtors” and or “Clients” should they not settle their invoice/s in a timeous manner pursuant to laws governed within the Republic of South Africa.
  6. The client will have a window period of 72 hours after paying the 50% deposit to opt-out and terminate the subject Appraisal. A termination letter must be sent via fax or email within 72 hours of the client paying the 50% deposit to Darryn Brick Appraisals. A full refund to the client will then be processed within 24 hours of receipt of cancellation letter;
  7. Darryn Brick Appraisals is solely reliant upon the client to provide relevant information pertaining to the subject Appraisal. The information including the content and timeous manner provided by the client of such information is at the risk and behest of the client. Darryn Brick Appraisals will not be held liable for any errors, omissions and misinformation provided by the client;
  8. Darryn Brick Appraisals cannot guarantee the outcome of any of its Appraisals relating to any judicial matters including,but not limited to matters involving the Master of the High Court, the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court and will not be held liable for any rulings opposing its Appraisal values. The outcome of its Appraisals including the Appraisal values and contents therein will have no effect on the Appraisal fee charged by Darryn Brick Appraisals to the client. No refunds will be entertained by Darryn Brick Appraisals in this regard. 
  9. All information must be provided to Darryn Brick Appraisals by the client within 10 business days from receipt and clearance of the 50% deposit paid to Darryn Brick Appraisals. Should Darryn Brick Appraisals not receive the subject information required to complete the subject Appraisal within the prescribed 10 business days,Darryn Brick Appraisals, at its sole discretion may terminate the subject Appraisal and may retain the 50% deposit for work, time and administration costs already expended on the subject Appraisal.
  10. Once Darryn Brick Appraisals has completed the subject Appraisal, the client has 7 (seven) calendar days to pay the balance of the outstanding amount owing for the subject Appraisal. Incidental interest will be charged on the balance owing at 24% per annum or 2% per month or part thereof from the 8th (eighth) day after the Appraisal has been completed. The 8th (eighth) day will begin as day 1 of interest being charged and will be calculated on a pro rata basis.
  11. All of the above Terms of Payment are in effect and no waiver will be entertained without a separate amendment/s to these Terms of Payment being agreed upon and signed by all parties concerned.